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Repair Services
& Pricing

Sit back and relax - Harcourt Park Marina can look after your boat, ATV and snowmobile making sure that your cottage time is fun and worry free!

Boat Seat Repairs

From little rips all the way to a full replacement, we will get your boat seats looking like new! Pricing depends on the size of the replacement and the type of material required.

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Boat Repairs

We're ready to take on what ever boat repairs you bring our way. Bring us your boat and we'll take care of the rest. Pricing depends on your make of boat, and the parts you need.

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Part Supply

We are dedicated to making sure you have a reliable boat or machine to enjoy the summer with. Here at Harcourt park Marina we can source almost any part that you make need. Pricing depends on the type of parts you need and the type of boat you are bringing in.

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Rec vehicle repairs 

That's right! We don't just limit ourselves to boats, we also fix recreational vehicles like atvs, snowmobiles, and more! Pricing depends on the type of vehicle you bring to us and the parts that it requires. 

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Harcourt Park Marina 

 2199 Sumcot Rd, Harcourt, ON K0L 1M1


705 - 448 - 2888

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